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  • pet friendly
  • dog friendly
  • pet friendly accommodation
  • pets welcome

If you will be bringing a pet with you, we must be told its details (e.g. breed, desexing, etc.) which is done when completing the "Comments" section in the "Book Direct" button's booking form. We allow a maximum of two pets per cottage (which requires a request to and pre-approval by management). No puppy under six months is permitted. Our pet policy is to allow guests holidaying WITH their pet, not to provide a lower kennel cost (in which case we, on behalf of our other guests, prefer you stay elsewhere or leave your pet at a purpose-built attended kennel).

While your pet or pets are on the property, they are YOUR RESPONSIBLITY and Cooroy Country Cottages ARE NOT RESONSIBLE for accidents with our stock (cattle and horses) or escapees from your cottage.

We do not require any referrals, veterinary health certificates or vaccination proofs. However, we strongly recommend all pets be treated for Australia’s paralysis ticks (e.g. Frontline Plus, Advantix, etc.) regardless of the season.

We DO allow pets inside the cottage ONLY IF that is a continuation of your home care practice. We request you continue the same routines to lessen your pet’s travel stress and related problems. However, pets are never allowed upon the cottage furnishings (beds or sofas). As the Federation cottage is fully-carpeted, we first recommend the fully-tiled Cooroora cottage, then the mixed tile and carpet Australian cottage or the fully-tiled with area rugs Studio Suite Unit when considering your cottage selection.

The pet is NEVER allowed to be left alone inside the cottage (or the doors left open) while guests are away from the cottage, which avoids any possible separation anxiety or damage risks. When guests are away, the pet may be left alone either within the cottage verandah (with both gates closed) or the walled rear courtyard to act as a temporary kennel. These areas offer both sunny, shaded and covered areas for any changing weather condition or for your pet to moderate its comfort or exercise. A meshed kennel is available at the manager’s residence (without charge) for guests who fear their cottage verandah\couryard will not retain their pet either due to jumping abilities or small size. The manager’s residence kennel is also recommended on hot days to assure your pet’s water supply is being monitored and refreshed if you will be away for several hours.

Your pet need not be restrained or leashed at all times or during a walk presuming your prior training and vocal control. However, if you are uncertain of your pet’s behaviour with other guests, their pets, the property’s horses or cattle, or the pet’s attraction to open spaces and sudden wildlife sightings (which is your sole liability), a leash is advised.

Please respect the grounds for other guests and scoop and bag any droppings which may be discarded in your carport’s wheelie bin. Any damage done by the pet is implicitly the liability and responsibility of the pet owner.

If the pet has an indoor elimination accident (which is understandable given unfamiliar surroundings and deemed no worse than our child guests spilling cordial or our adult guests spilling coffee or red wine), please phone the office immediately. We will arrange a prompt and brief wet vacuuming and treat the area (without charge) to avoid any stain damage, readiness for the next guests, and prevent both your and other future pets from repeating an accident due to the residual scent marking.

Please keep the insect screen doors closed AT ALL TIMES to avoid insects, rodents or wildlife from entering the cottage and to ease our prompt and thorough cleaning for the next arriving guests.

Each cottage offers an outdoor water faucet and hose which may be used to either refresh your dog’s water bowl, wash your dog if it has become muddy, or clean away any eliminations from the verandah or courtyard. Pet towels may be found in your laundry cabinet to dry your pet on wet days (or after playing in the dams or lower creek) or used to protect the floor or carpet.


  • sunshine coast wedding venue
  • ceremonies
  • weddings
  • perfect location

We do host small intimate weddings with guests limited to approximately 50. Photos of the gazebo\rock pond gardens & parkland area show the unique ceremony site and some past events. In addition to the accommodation costs, an additional $1,000 property use\venue fee applies.

Typically only the ceremony occurs in the rock pond gazebo garden area with the reception held at local licensed premises for more complete or formal dining services and to avoid outdoor weather risks. A reception on the grounds is also allowed (with the approximate 50 guest limit). The couple has the responsibility to arrange all needed supplies (e.g marquee, chairs, dining supplies, etc.) or services (e.g. party rental supplier, celebrant, caterer, cake baker, generator supply, portable toilets, music, etc.). We can assist with local and past experience service referrals.

We also require the reception and any music cease no later than midnight to respect neighbour’s rights and Council noise restrictions.

As the event requires your complete venue privacy and prevents our bookings to others, we also require all three cottages and the Studio Suite unit be booked for at least our standard minimum two day stay (regardless whether occupied). The daily rate for each cottage and the Studio Suite unit, is also shown on our website, and varies with the number of guests each accommodates. The total combined cottages with nine queen beds, single sofa bed and an added single rollaway bed, can accommodate (with bed sharing) a maximum of 20 guests. A total cost quote is possible when these guest numbers, dates and accommodation details are provided.

As with our accommodation bookings, a 50% deposit of the total cost is required to book the venue with all the same payment policies, procedures and conditions indicated on our RATES page.

A private viewing of the grounds and cottages is available by scheduling a time with the management office. The viewing time is dependent on when all the cottages will be vacant for a complete showing. If you have any other question, please consult the management office.


  • ramp access
  • easy access

The Cooroora cottage was specifically created for and best fully serves the needs of our elderly, disabled or wheelchair guests, in addition to comfortably accommodating for carers, family, friends or accompanying pets. The cottage asphalt driveway allows guests to quickly depart or unload a vehicle beside the covered verandah entry during inclement weather. The nearby raised double carport allows larger vehicle entry and covered parking. The front sliding glass door metal entry ramp and flat threshold allows easy wheelchair or hoist entry. The cottage is completely tiled with an open designed kitchen and lounge to simplify mobility and access. The bathroom is a tiled “wet room” with flat entry to the open shower area with an adjustable height showerhead and combination support bar. The nearby rear courtyard’s exterior plastic chair or one of the patio sling chairs has been used as a shower chair if a personal shower chair has not been otherwise brought or arranged. Both the elongated toilet and custom-designed vanity and faucet handle meet Queensland disability standards. An outdoor matching shower is also available in the extremely private rear walled courtyard which is accessed through the bathroom’s sliding glass door. The master bathroom has increased direct bedside space to enable assisted or equipment access to either the adjoining bathroom or direct straight hallway access to the open kitchen and lounge area. The master queen bed is raised to also ease bed access and hoist use. The covered outdoor concrete front verandah and patio, combined with the open air extensive asphalt cottage driveway and parking areas and sun lounge area, offer added private outdoor space mobility and view enjoyments. Assisted or motorized wheelchair guests have enjoyed the accessible extensive 500 metre private asphalt road system which meanders through parklands and garden areas to safely seclude the property and cottages from the distant public Black Mountain Road traffic. The Cooroora cottage safety and privacy is increased by being located at the the end of the cottages’ private road.

The Federation cottage is a deceptively raised single level, fully-carpeted cottage (except for the tiled bathroom) which can and has conditionally accommodated elderly and disabled guests or visitors. It is not recommended for wheelchair guests due to both the sloped pathway and bathroom tub access issues. In addition to access by a side stairway, the cottage’s verandah and reduced or flat threshold sliding glass door entries can be attained by continuing on the sloped concrete pathway to the back verandah (seen on the Federation cottage’s barbecue area photo). Guests using wheelchairs will need assistance on the sloped pathway, while several guests with walkers have been able to independently ascend the sloped concrete rear pathway. The bathroom’s combination tub with adjustable fixed height or hand-held shower includes an available bath board for seating if needed. The sliding glass shower enclosure and raised tub may require entry assistance if the guest cannot independently raise their feet by more than a foot\30 cm. More information about and photos of the Federation cottage is available on the Cottages page.

The Studio Suite Unit is also conditionally accessible for disabled and wheelchair guests or visitors, but has specified shower access and unassisted bathroom issues. An available wood ramp alleviates any private front door entry, otherwise ready access involves a mere 5 inch\12 cm step up into the completely tiled, single level unit. The private self-contained apartment is situated at the opposite end of the manager's residence, similar to a duplex or commercial unit. The suite comprises three rooms; a large open lounge with kitchen area, private bathroom with walk-in shower and one bedroom with a queen size bed. Although the glass door shower allows a small step down to the shower, the glass door opening width is impeded by the wall and standard toilet, to prevent any wheelchair access and complicates walker access, but enables cane support or assisted access with possible use of the patio’s plastic chairs as a wanted shower chair. A single rollaway bed may be added to the unit’s lounge or bedroom. More information about and photos of the Studio Suite Unit are available on the Cottages page.

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